Footsteps in Memory of Artist
Steve Kaufman Lead to Iconic
Tile Collection by Settecento

September 21, 2015 / New York, NY -- Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC is delighted to announce the launch of a stunning new collection of Italian luxury tile by Settecento in honor of the late American pop artist Steve Alan Kaufman (SAK), former assistant to Andy Warhol. The collection, titled “Settecento Mosaici e Ceramiche d’Arte: Steve Kaufman,” fuses celebrated imagery and fine crafted ceramic tile into floor and wall art masterpieces.



Artist Steve Kaufman was known for painting iconic images, famous people, recognizable brands, currency, and historic figures. After serving as a young assistant to Andy Warhol, Steve Kaufman left The Factory at the end of the 1970s to continue his path of reinterpreting and refining the typical techniques of pop art. Steve Kaufman created his own style through the process of hand embellishment, giving life to his famous "icons" that appealed to many. To date, his art has been displayed in numerous museums and exhibitions worldwide.

Steve Kaufman, described by Settecento as the “great maestro,” advanced the use of the serigraphy process, and was most widely recognized for his use of bright colors. Recalling the process by which Steve Kaufman created his paintings, screens were prepared by Settecento and serigraphy printing lines were assembled with a choice of concepts that were printed on tile surfaces.

The results were two distinct lines of artistic ceramic, Icons and Landscape, realized with third and forth firing decorations and enhanced with the use of pure glass, and in some instances, metal.

Lips-Liberty-Marilyn BrooklynBridge

In Icons, Settecento reintroduces several of Steve Kaufman’s most famous icons on ceramic: Lips, Marilyn, Mozart, and Lady Liberty. These tiles are skillfully crafted using puntinato and chiaroscuro techniques. Vivid colors are made even brighter thanks to the use of glassed paste.

In Landscape, Settecento offers on ceramic new interpretations of Steve Kaufman’s most famous city images: New York’s Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge. The park scene is matched with “pop art” embellishment to the trees in pearly metal. In the bridge skyline, the brilliant lights of Manhattan are reflected in the East River, an effect that is enhanced by the use of pearly glaze. Water and sky appear to capture light due to the use of glass.

Settecento and Steve Kaufman Art Licensing will officially launch this collection with “Ceramic Meets Art, Art Meets Ceramic” on September 29, 2015 at 5:00 p.m., at Cersaie-Bologna, Hall 20, C64 D63, Italy. For more information about this unique and exciting collection, please visit and

Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC provides Steve Kaufman (SAK) images for high quality products, and assists business clients from the selection process and legal clearance to marketing and public relations. Its principals are Diana Vachier, long time assistant to Steve Kaufman and sole heir to his licensing rights, and Alberto Panizzoli, partner and official representative in Europe. For licensing inquiries, please email

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