Steve Kaufman Art of Clothing
Makes USA Debut at the
2016 New York City Fashion Show

A Collaboration of Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC
and Italian Designer Mario Casali

September 5, 2016 / New York, NY – Diana Vachier, official representative of the late pop artist Steve Kaufman (SAK) is delighted to announce the launch of “Art of Clothing,” a collaboration of Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC and Italian clothing designer Mario Casali. This exquisite collection of limited edition apparel will make its U.S. debut on September 18-20, 2016 at the New York City Fashion Show at Jacob Javits Center, Third Level, Coterie Booth #7144.

Steve Alan Kaufman (December 29, 1960—February 12, 2010) was an American artist and a pioneer of neo pop art. He is remembered as a charismatic personality and a generous humanitarian who never forgot his roots in the South Bronx, NY.

In his early years, Steve Kaufman worked as an assistant to artist Andy Warhol at the Factory studio in New York. It was Warhol who coined Steve’s forever nickname “SAK.” On his own, Steve Kaufman painted iconic people and things, historical figures, and explored different art forms. His work was often fueled by current events, but his work was most recognizable for his use of vibrant color.

Steve Kaufman Art of Clothing celebrates the convergence of two artists, Steve Kaufman and Mario Casali, who embraced Kaufman’s art and fell in love with it. Creativity, shapes, and colors amplify a passion for life, and how to live it.



Mario Casali is a creative spirit who characterizes his creations not only as a brand or label, but always by interfacing with cultures and regions that inspire, including California, Hawaii, Mexico, the South Pacific, and the Far East—with each area giving his projects a unique character and appeal.

Mario Casali has served as Concept and Product Chief of numerous high profile initiatives in the clothing lifestyle industry that, since the 1990’s, has greatly influenced life and leisure. He worked step by step on the brands Maui & Sons, Mistral Windsurfing, Scorpion Bay, No Fear, Fatu Hiva, and Bear Surfboard, which revolutionized the concept of casual dressing.

In June 2016, Steve Kaufman Art of Clothing by Mario Casali made its European debut at the PREMIUM International Fashion Trade Show at Station-Berlin, Germany.

This much anticipated return to New York City is a heartfelt one for all who knew and worked with Steve Kaufman.

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