Art of Clothing

We celebrate the convergence of two artists, Steve Kaufman and Mario Casali, who embraced Kaufman’s art and fell in love with it.  The connection between these two "creative souls," despite their work in different fields, is unified—threads of creativity, shapes, and colors amplify a passion for life, and how to live it.  This is evident in the way both artists have approached new challenges and new projects: Passion Without Limit.

So begins a new chapter, STEVE KAUFMAN ART OF CLOTHING.

SAK-Art-of-Clothing SAK-Art-of-Clothing-Mario-Casali

Mario Casali is a creative spirit sensitive to every form of beauty, and particularly attentive in finding true life stories.  He regenerates the first impressions he experiences and documents them in his work, set exclusively on instinct and personal intuition.

Mario Casali has served as Concept and Product Chief of numerous high profile initiatives in the clothing lifestyle industry that, since the 1990’s, has greatly influenced life and leisure.  Reinterpreted was a new form of sport, life, and spirit—clothing with comfort, the joy of informality, and graphics and color throughout.

Mario Casali worked step by step on the brands MAUI & SONS, MISTRAL WINDSURFING, SCORPION BAY, NO FEAR, FATU HIVA, and BEAR SURFBOARD, which revolutionized the concept of casual dressing.  Casali characterizes his creations not only as a brand or label, but always by interfacing with cultures and regions that inspire, including California, Hawaii, Mexico, the South Pacific, and the Far East… each area giving his projects a unique character and appeal.

STEVE KAUFMAN ART OF CLOTHING was born of an extraordinary identity.  It is not only a collection of clothing or limited edition products, but an invoking experience: Mario Casali, through the art of SAK, reinterprets the power of these paintings and pours into the fabric his creations.

The colors, the subjects, and the techniques used by Steve Kaufman and channeled by ART OF CLOTHING shows that SAK lived a dedicated and intense period of life influenced by popular history.  An explosive and special blend of color, enthusiasm, solar energy, and music emanated from his lofty art factory in Los Angeles—and now moves with each item of clothing.

The STEVE KAUFMAN ART OF CLOTHING project is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy with great attention to quality and fine details, including handcrafted boxes dedicated to SAK’s glorious icons.  ART OF CLOTHING actively follows Steve Kaufman exhibitions, and can be found in galleries associated with his events, and in exclusive clothing stores in Italy and abroad.

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STEVE KAUFMAN ART OF CLOTHING made its debut at the PREMIUM International Fashion Trade Show from June 28-30, 2016 in Station-Berlin, Hall 1, Booth #A21.


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